Vehicle Diagnostics

It’s frustrating if there’s a fault with your car that you just can’t pinpoint. Using the latest tools and high-tech equipment, our qualified mechanics can fault find and carry out the repair. That means you will have your car back in no time with the problem fixed. For expert vehicle diagnostics contact B M Autocare, or visit our garage in Wrexham.

ECU Re-Mapping

One of the advantages of having a modern car is that some parameters related to the performance can be reset, just like a computer. We copy information about your vehicle from its ECU using dedicated software, then re-tune your vehicle by programming the files back into the ECU.

General Repairs & Servicing

At B M Autocare, you can expect a complete range of garage services in addition to high-end solutions like vehicle diagnostics and ECU remapping. We also take care of routine maintenance work such as oil and fluid changes, and brakes and transmission maintenance.

Diagnostics & Re-Mapping

Servicing & Repairs

MOT testing

For sophisticated vehicle diagnostics and ECU remapping, contact B M Autocare.

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